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Beltcomp Excel - Belt Conveyor Design Program

Beltcomp Excel is a powerful computer software package introduced to enable materials handling design engineers with belt conveyor design and optimization based on ISO/DIN/IS. Beltcomp Excel is highly dependable software to provide consistent, accurate and cost effective belt conveyor designs. The program is based on versatile Microsoft Excel platform backed by strong VBA so that it can use both Excel in-built strong features and classical visual basic programming features. Since Excel is supported by all the windows operating systems, the program has no barrier as far as operating system is concerned. It requires only the Beltcomp Excel exe file, one dll file (for machine identification) and one license file (for full version) to be placed in same folder.

  1. No limitation of length and lift. Can cater for complex conveyor geometry including uphill and downhill configurations.
  2. No limitation of number of drives and brakes.
  3. In-built belt carrying capacity check.
  4. Calculates empty, full load and all part load cases in single run and summarizes final data.
  5. Option for including/excluding part-load cases in calculation.
  6. Options for including/excluding hopper pull out forces.
  7. Easy geometry input using dropdown list as much as possible.
  8. Auto motor selection or user input motor.
  9. Option for starting time or fixed start factor.
  10. Option for braking time or braking torque or no brake.
  11. Option for take-up: Fixed tension gravity or automatic winch.
  12. Option for program default WK2 value of drive components or user input values.
  13. Option for auto belt selection or user input from program belt list or user defined belt.
  14. Option for program default belt factor of safety or userís choice factor of safety.
  15. Option for program default idler selection or user defined idler.
  16. Option for program default artificial friction factor or user defined idler artificial friction factor.
  17. Extensive checking of input parameters and context sensitive help by messages to avoid user mistakes.
  18. Generates detail output and well structured summary output.
  19. Identifies key cases responsible for belt, motor and take-up tension selections in output summary.
  20. Calculates tensions for all points of all cases and maximum tensions with percentage loading.
  21. Uses font color intelligently to identify key tension and power figures in output.
  22. Calculates acceleration time for all cases if startfactor is given as input. Conversely calculates startfactor for all cases if starting time is given as input.
  23. Calculates braking time if braking torque is given as input for all cases. Conversely Calculates braking torque if braking time is given as input for all cases. Provides natural stopping time for all cases.
  24. Calculates co-efficient of pulley friction for all drive and brake pulleys for all cases.
  25. Shows brake down of all resistances for all cases.
  26. Calculates system wk^2 for full load running condition.
  27. Calculates backstop power required to prevent roll back.
  28. Calculates minimum belt concave and convex radius required at relevant points on carrying side.
  29. Can save successfully calculated input data to a file (with extension bce), which can be opened from the program for later use.
  30. Generates comprehensive tension plot for six most common run cases using different colors showing point to point belt tensions.
  31. Generates a rough profile sketch based on conveyor geometry input.
  32. Can export input/output data to a new excel file for further use by user and the summary sheet of that file can be readily used for printing and submission.







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